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Toilet seat paper

English Name:Toilet seat paper

Product Category:Disposable Papers—>Paper Toilet Seat Cover

Product Description

A quarter fold toilet seat paper

A quarter fold toilet seat paper

Material: regeneration, pulp, puree mix
Weight: 14 g, 15 g, 16 g, 18 g
Size: 425 * 360mm, 420 * 365mm custom size

Isolated bacteria for the toilet seat to protect the skin.
Commonly used in the office, gym, bars, restaurants, schools, clinics, hospitals and other public places, public toilets.

200 a pack, 25-pack box of 125 packets, 40 packets to a carton
Packaging can be customized to customer requirements.

1, remove the toilet seat cover paper, expand and pull off at the junction point of the left, right, front. 2, tiled toilet seat paper ring cushion, the middle the paper tongue will naturally drooping. 3, with the completion of directly washed away in the water of the toilet seat paper instantly, without clogging the toilet.

Dry place

Provides customized, please call or advisory letter.
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